We Have Contact!

This is rather momentous occassion: Our mobile phone now communicated with our Dynawa TCH1 watch and is able to send the Pedobear icon to it...

Dingoo A-320

Portable game console to play games in (8 bit/16bit/32bit) GBA/3D formats and play more by upgrading the software.

Some applications in action

Here are some applications running on Dynawa TCH1. This should give you some idea about the fundamental TCH1 operating principles, although there is still a substantial work ahead until we have something worth releasing. Specifically, the basic Bluetooth subsystem is almost working, which is necessary for TCH1 to be anything more than a novelty.

Application switching and scripting v0.0.0.1

Here is a video of our first attempt at writing some sort of "higher level" bare-bone operating system. It's far from finished but it provides an interesting look at TCH1's speed because large bulk of the OS, including some graphics processing, is written in Lua, an interpreted language. Sorry about the blurriness, the pronunciation and too many occurences of the word "basically". You can watch the video in HD to see more details. The code running on the watch (including the Lua scripts) is already available at You can check it out but in its current state it's definitely not "production quality" code and we definitely don't accept code contributions. Yet!

WristOS Fundamentals
  • FreeRTOS
  • Lua
  • lwIP
  • lwBT
  • FatFs
  • libpng
  • zlib